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Expert Asset & Property Division Attorney in North County, San Diego

MCH Family Law works with clients across Solana Beach and all other areas of North County, San Diego during divorce proceedings to help you establish a fair and favorable division of all your assets and property during dissolution of marriage. As a community property state, California allows equal interest for each spouse in all debts and property acquired while married, meaning that you need to hire an experienced property division attorney to properly characterize your assets and maximize your chances of a favorable settlement.

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Our expert family property division attorney offers full support

Michele Hollimon boasts expert mediation, negotiation, and litigation skills that allow her to provide professional assistance in every possible scenario. She carefully inspects the intricacies of your case to formulate an effective strategy that maximizes your chances of a favorable outcome. However, she also takes the time to explain how divorce proceedings work and helps you grasp the situation you’re facing as well as the bright future that awaits. It’s this caring approach to legal representation that makes her stand apart from her peers.

Why hire a respected asset division attorney in Solana Beach

This firm has one of the best property and asset division attorneys in North County, San Diego, who knows the unique challenges related to divorce and property settlement, and will work in your best interest and toward resolving your marital dispute without the need for unnecessary and potentially costly litigation. Her decisive and focused approach is what often grants her the opportunity to get the assets you’re looking for and deserve. She’ll represent your best interest during the entire process, and will be there to show you light at the end of the tunnel.

Providing assistance throughout your property & asset division

Full-service approach

Michelle Hollimon offers expertise-based assistance throughout all the stages of your family property division in Solana Beach and other areas of North County, San Diego. What’s more, she can also handle other aspects of your divorce, from establishing child and spousal support to ensuring favorable terms of custody over your child.

In-depth explanations

Your expert asset division attorney will take the time to explain every single aspect of the process for dividing your and your spouse’s property during divorce proceedings. It’s only by understanding everything that transpires during this process that you can adequately prepare yourself mentally for all the difficult situations that might arise at a certain point.

Assembling documents

Another important aspect of the service one of the best property division attorneys offers is comprehensive inspection of the required documentation and detailed assembly of all the documents necessary throughout the stages of the division process. This way our lawyer is always prepared to react quickly and aptly to any challenges that may arise.

Tailor-made service

Initial consultation is the perfect time for our asset attorney to carefully and in great detail inquire about the specific circumstances of your current situation, and use the information you provide to formulate a unique and clear action plan that suits your requirements. This allows targeting of your specific concerns regarding property division in your divorce.

Expert representation

The mission of our experienced property division lawyer is to grant you an opportunity to voice your concerns and ascertain your claim on the assets you believe are rightfully yours after the divorce finalizes. Our representation fosters an aggressive and professional approach that addresses all vital aspects of the case to ensure you receive your due.

Assisting you with every aspect of your property division

Michelle Holliman is the leading family property division attorneys in Solana Beach and the rest of North County, San Diego. She’ll help you secure favorable division of the main assets, including real estate and marital property, money in bank accounts, as well as personal property, such as electronics, furniture and cars, She’s also there to help you divide more complicated types of property, such as commingled assets, retirement plans, and business ownerships to ensure you get everything you require and deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is property divided in California?

California treats property division according to the concept of community property, which means that each spouse has equal share in all property acquired during the course of a domestic partnership or marriage, excluding inheritance and gifts.

This necessitates the division of family property and assets in Solana Beach and other areas of North County, San Diego, which is why you should always consider hiring a reputable lawyer to help you ensure you receive everything you’re entitled to.

Some of the most common examples of property the state of California recognizes are:

  • Patents
  • Businesses
  • Life insurance with cash value
  • Stocks
  • 401 (k) plans
  • Pension plans
  • Security deposits made for apartments
  • Cash and bank accounts
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Residence
  • Automobiles
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How is a house split in a divorce?

Generally, there are three main ways to split a home’s value during a divorce in North County San Diego and other areas of California:

  • Selling the home and splitting all proceeds.
  • An ex-spouse keeps possession of the house and refinances their mortgage to remove the other spouse from the loan.
  • Both spouses temporarily keep possession of the house, until they find a more favorable solution.

In the state of California, a community property region, both spouses have equal share in their home if it’s acquired during the course of their marriage. Sometimes, the process of asset and property division is simple, while it sometimes requires a lawyer to step in for more complicated matters.

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What is considered separate property in a marriage?

Separate property refers to assets that only belong to one spouse. Some of the most frequent examples of separate property include:

  • All property a spouse owned before entering into marriage.
  • Inherited property or gifts received either during or before marriage.
  • Agreed upon separate property, either through a written postnuptial or prenuptial agreement.
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Can you get a divorce without dividing assets?

There are cases in which the judge will issue a divorce decree, legally ending the marriage, but without including other orders regarding the distribution of assets and debts.

However, these cases are extremely rare in non-mutual divorce settlements and carry with them additional financial consequences in the form of taxes.

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Which family property lawyer can help divide my assets in Solana Beach & other areas of North County, San Diego?

MCH Family Law offers comprehensive assistance during all the stages of your divorce proceedings, including division of your family assets and property across all the communities of North County. Michelle Hollimon is here to:

Our expert lawyer works toward your best interests and provides professional advice and assistance in the court of law that allows you to secure the property and assets you deserve. Her detail-oriented approach is what yields favorable results.

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