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Your Reputable Divorce Attorney in North County, San Diego

Hollimon Family Law, APC is a legal firm with ample experience handling all aspects of divorce proceedings, postnuptial and prenuptial agreements, domestic violence cases, child support processes, as well as property settlements across Solana Beach and other communities of North County, San Diego. Hiring a reputable and experienced divorce lawyer will assist you in understanding the process that awaits, help minimize the financial and emotional impact of your case, and provide strong legal representation to help you achieve your desired outcome.

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Expect complete support from your experienced divorce lawyer

Michelle Carlisle Hollimon is adept at mediating disputes, negotiating agreements, and litigating all issues when fair and reasonable terms cannot be agreed upon. She takes the unique circumstances of your case into consideration when formulating a strategy for handling your specific situation. Her goal is to not only offer legal assistance and representation, but to also provide invaluable advice and insight into the inner workings of divorce proceedings. Michelle will help you understand what you’re going through and what you can expect as a final outcome. Her caring approach when dealing with clients, and her strong advocacy for them when negotiating agreements or litigating in Court, is what has made her the choice for so many divorce clients over the years.

Why it’s vital to hire a top divorce attorney in Solana Beach

Divorce is difficult, no matter the circumstances. You need someone on your side. Our knowledgeable, qualified divorce lawyer operating in North County, San Diego, understands all the challenges you’re facing when going through the divorce process. Because she understands these challenges, she first aims to settle the matter out of court and avoid unnecessary litigation. She’s a decisive attorney fostering a tailored approach to representation, one that maximizes your odds of obtaining the ultimate outcome you desire. She’ll be there to help you throughout all the stages of your divorce proceedings.

Here to provide assistance with all the aspects of your divorce

Comprehensive service

Michelle Carlisle Hollimon is here to provide a full-service approach to helping you resolve your divorce in the most favorable way. She’ll assist you in dividing your assets, ensuring you get the most favorable terms of child custody, as well as establishing a healthy line of spousal support, in case you need it. It’s her detail-oriented approach that separates her from the pack.

Detailed explanations

Your experienced divorce attorney will carefully explain all the essential details regarding the entire process that awaits, so you know what you can expect and when you can expect it. Having in-depth knowledge of everything that awaits will help you properly prepare for the trials and tribulations by providing peace of mind and gentle guidance through it all.

Documentation assembly

Your reliable divorce lawyer operating in Solana Beach and other areas of North County, SD will carefully assemble all the required documentation for your proceedings and ensure everything’s ready for the trial. Our firm focuses on a detailed process that rests on comprehensive preparation of all the necessary documents for a swift and dependable process.

Tailored service

When you come in for a consultation, your divorce attorney will first take as much time as necessary to inquire about all the unique circumstances surrounding your family and marital situation in order to propose the most suitable plan of action. This approach ensures that we meet your specific needs, and provide the best possible legal representation for you.

Expert representation

The main purpose behind this firm is to first and foremost allow you to have your voice heard and for us to give you an opportunity to express all you need to. We achieve this by fostering aggressive legal representation through every single step of the proceedings. This is how we maximize your chances of a favorable outcome.

Helping you with varied aspects of your divorce proceedings

Michelle Holliman is an expert divorce lawyer and one of the best legal representatives in Solana Beach and other areas of North County, San Diego. She’s adept at handling different types of proceedings with the same level of professionalism and success, including uncontested, military, LGBT, high-net worth, and celebrity divorce. What’s more, she’ll help you with all matters concerning child custody and support, and help you get your truth across in cases concerning domestic violence problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for divorce in California?

In order to file for divorce in the state of California and all its areas, including Solana Beach and North County, San Diego, your spouse or you have to provide proof of residence of no fewer than six months before filing, as well as proof of residence of at least three months in the county you plan to file a divorce in.

When it comes to same-sex marriages, spouses can receive divorce judgement, legal separation, or nullity if:

  • They entered marriage in California, and
  • No spouse has residency in a state capable of dissolving their marriage.

The two grounds for dissolution of marriage, that will require you to hire services of an expert divorce lawyer are:

  • Irreconcilable differences
  • Permanent incapacity to make decisions.
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What types of divorce are there in California?

There are four main types of divorce recognized in Solana Beach, North County, San Diego, and all other communities of California:

  • No-fault divorce: This type of divorce allows for absence of clear fault and consequent ground for divorce, when it comes to estranged couples.
  • Uncontested divorce: This form of divorce transpires when both parties within the marriage manage to reach a mutual agreement concerning the dissolution of their marriage.
  • Simplified divorce: Otherwise known as summary dissolution, is a simplified way of ending your marriage if you’ve been in a marital relationship for fewer than five years, if there are no adopted or born children, and if a spouse isn’t pregnant.
  • Limited divorce: This is very similar to legal separation as it allows couples sufficient time to arrange child custody and asset division.
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What happens in a divorce in California?

When you hire a divorce attorney to handle your proceedings in Solana Beach or any other area of North County, San Diego, you can expect the following steps in the process:

  • The state of California divorce petition filing
  • Divorce petition response
  • Amendment and default processes
  • Temporary order request
  • Temporary order response
  • Interplay between fees, custody, and support
  • Order hearing request
  • Declaration of financial disclosure
  • Discovery process
  • Use of expert consultants and witnesses
  • Settlement negotiation process
  • Taking your divorce case to trial if necessary
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What factors affect eligibility for spousal support?

If you’re going through a divorce in Solana Beach or another area of North County, SD, and you’d like to secure spousal support, there are several aspects that might affect the decision, such as:

  • The earning capacity of your spouse and you to maintain the living standard present during marriage.
  • Potential hardships you and your spouse are facing.
  • Specific and immediate tax consequences.
  • The health and age of your spouse and you.
  • Marriage length.
  • Your own ability to work and earn without interference with the best interests of the child in your custody.
  • The assets and obligations of both spouses.
  • Other factors
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Who is the leading divorce lawyer operating near me in Solana Beach and other areas of North County, San Diego?

MCH Family Law is a legal firm dedicated to assisting you with every single aspect of family law in North County and all its communities. Michelle Hollimon is an experienced attorney who offers expert assistance with:

She always operates in your very best interests and gives it her all to protect all your rights in front of the court of law. This is how she eases your transition into a completely new period of your life and makes sure you receive everything you deserve.

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