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Dedicated Domestic Violence Attorney in North County

MCH Family Law is one of the leading law firms in Solana Beach and across North County, San Diego if you’re dealing with a domestic violence case. Our compassionate and trustworthy attorney understands how difficult and emotionally charged these cases can be and will take the necessary steps to protect your rights. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, reach out to us today for a free consultation.

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We’ll provide full support in your domestic violence case

Michele Hollimon has a wealth of mediation, negotiation, and litigation experience. You can rest assured knowing that she will be able to provide you with the professional assistance that you need no matter what your particular situation may be. Our dedicated domestic violence lawyer will take a close look at all the details surrounding your case to come up with a strategy that gives you the best possible chance of achieving a favorable outcome. She’ll work hard to collect evidence, secure a restraining order (if necessary), and file for divorce or legal separation on your behalf.

Why hire a respected domestic violence lawyer in Solana Beach

Our law firm boasts one of the best domestic violence attorneys in Solana Beach, North County. Our expert knows the unique challenges related to family abuse and will work toward resolving your marital dispute without costly litigation. Our decisive and focused approach allows us to dedicate ourselves fully to your case, representing your best interests to come out of the ordeal victorious.

Providing assistance throughout your domestic violence issue

Full-service approach

Michelle Hollimon offers expertise-based legal assistance throughout every stage of your domestic violence in Solana Beach and other areas of North County, San Diego. In addition to handling your divorce, she can also establish spousal support and ensure favorable terms of custody of your child.

In-depth consultation

When dealing with domestic violence and legal procedures, your lawyer will go through every detail. It’s only by learning about everything that happens throughout this process that you can mentally prepare for all the tough circumstances that may arise.

Assembling documents

Another key feature of the service offered by one of the top domestic violence attorneys is a thorough examination of all required documentation as well as an accurate assembly of all necessary papers during various phases of the legal proceedings.

Tailor-made strategy

Our lawyer will use the initial consultation to ask in-depth questions about your current situation. With this information, she can formulate a clear action plan that targets your specific concerns. This way, our lawyer will be ready to respond to every situation promptly.

Expert representation

Every domestic violence case is unique and requires its own individualized approach. Our compassionate attorney will take the time to get to know you and your family in order to develop the best legal strategy for your particular situation. She’ll work diligently on your behalf to protect your rights.

Assisting you with every aspect of your domestic violence case

Michelle Hollimon is the leading domestic violence lawyer in Solana Beach and the rest of North County, San Diego. Our family attorney has helped many clients who are victims of domestic violence. She knows the law inside and out and can help you understand and protect your rights during a challenging time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of domestic violence offenses in California?

Domestic violence describes numerous abusive behaviors, which are codified under several sections of the California Penal Code. The majority of these charges are wobbler offenses, meaning prosecutors can file them as either misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the circumstances. These include:

  • Corporal injury to a spouse
  • Child abuse and endangerment
  • Domestic battery
  • Elder abuse
  • Criminal threats
  • Stalking

If you’re a victim of domestic violence or fear that you might be, contact our experienced lawyer in Solana Beach and North County for help. Schedule an initial free consultation, so we can get to know more about your situation.

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Is it hard to get a temporary restraining order in California?

Any individual may file the court papers required for a temporary restraining order in California. A judge reviews these restraining order requests at the courthouse the same day. A temporary restraining order is not permanent and will only last until the hearing for a full restraining order is held.

When filing for a domestic violence restraining order, it is imperative to have an experienced attorney by your side. The court requires very little evidence of proof in these cases, so having legal representation can make all the difference.

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Is domestic violence in California a felony?

When a person is arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, the charges against them can range from a felony to a misdemeanor, based on various factors.

For example, the victim’s injuries, severity of the offense, and whether or not there’s a history of domestic violence are all considered when determining what charges to file.
A felony conviction can result in prison time, while a misdemeanor may only carry a small fine. Content our experienced domestic violence attorney in Solana Beach to get a better understanding of what the charges mean.

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Who is the go-to domestic violence lawyer in Solana Beach and across North County?

If you are in an abusive relationship, MCH Family Law can help you get out and start living again. We can provide legal counsel to help you through this difficult time.

Additionally, if you have been accused of being abusive, we will provide a vigorous defense to help you keep your freedom. No one deserves to be a victim of abuse, and we can help you get the justice you deserve.

You can count on us for detailed legal advice pertaining to paternity and expert in-depth counsel in your child support case and all other matters of family law. Reach out to us today to help you during a challenging and stressful time.

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